All of Us Have Roots . . .

Mark Koran’s go back to Irish and German, Catholic immigrants that came to Minnesota in the early 20th Century.


ark was born, raised and educated in the “Frogtown” area of St. Paul. As a kid in the Big City, he learned early on how to deal with the real world problems of our complex and diverse society.

Mark has been a devoted and hard-working family man since graduating from Como High School in 1982. Mark has had many jobs and many titles over the past 34 years: he has worked his way up from blue-collar jobs, through owning and operating his own business, to serving as a key manager in the Minnesota Department of Revenue. He is presently employed as a senior sales manager for a large financial institution and has had over 32 years of experience in directly dealing with corporate and government programs and issues.

Mark has been married to his wife Cindy for over 32 years. Together they have raised three sons, who have given them three beautiful granddaughters. He and his family moved to their home in Lent Township (Chisago County) in 2007, where it didn’t take long for him to develop a keen interest in activities and proposals that directly affected the unique rural character of Lent Township and Chisago County.

Mark has been a key leader in all of the significant and controversial issues affecting Lent Township and Chisago County over the past 5-years. He has been a consistent and vocal advocate for reasonable economic development that benefits the community, yet preserves its outstanding rural lifestyle. Mark is also an active member of the Lent Township Planning Commission, where he strives to maintain regulations that preserve the rights of landowners, while ensuring the safety and welfare of township citizens.

Most importantly, Mark Koran is a no-nonsense, common-sense conservative. Mark fully understands the value of fiscal restraint and the absolute need to budget and spend wisely… whether it’s for his family or our government. But, Mark also recognizes that our government exists to serve and protect us… just as we must serve and protect our families. It is Mark’s goal to ensure that a realistic and common-sense “balance” is maintained between these often conflicting responsibilities. That is how Mark has lived and that is how he intends to govern.

Mark Koran is well-known and respected in District 32 (Chisago & Isanti counties) as a person who will carefully and respectfully listen to everyone’s issues and opinions. He is an intelligent and thoughtful problem-solver and a natural leader. His many friends and neighbors, of all political persuasions, are excited about his representation of District 32 in the Senate.


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