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Koran: Cannabis Bill Should Go Up in Smoke

Spread the Government Love - Give It Back!On Monday, the Minnesota’s office of Management and Budget (MMB) released its February revenue forecast, which provides information and an outlook for Minnesota’s financial picture. The report projects a surplus of $17.5 billion for the next budget cycle, which begins in July.Last week, the legislature passed a bill to automatically add inflation to forecast computations. Without that change, the true surplus number is closer to $19 billion.For well over a year, the number one thing I hear from constituents is that they want us to give the surplus back. An enormous budget surplus should mean enormous relief for Minnesotans.With folks still feeling their household budgets squeezed by high prices for everything from [...]

Koran: Cannabis Bill Should Go Up in Smoke2023-05-16T09:50:41-05:00

Koran: Goodbye to Gas Power?

Secure Your Child's Safety: School Bus Safety Now! Again, this year we are tackling the issue of increasing school bus safety. According to the Department of Safety, officers cited 4,652 drivers in Minnesota for school bus stop arm violations from 2017 – 2021. When the lights are flashing don't be passing graphic Reckless disregard for our children’s safety on the roads must stop, and people need to be held accountable. A bill moving through the legislative process would require school buses to be equipped with a stop-signal arm extension that extends a minimum of 6 feet from the bus. School buses would still be equipped with the standard 18-inch stop sign when snow-covered streets become narrower in winter. In [...]

Koran: Goodbye to Gas Power?2023-05-16T09:43:24-05:00

Koran: Tired of Random Calls?

Priority: Road SafetyThis session, I am fighting to secure critical funding to improve safety along the Chisago County I-35 and Hwy 8 interchange. There have been several serious crashes in recent years, including 5 fatalities. Chisago County has already garnered over half the money needed for the project, and securing the rest to improve road safety is a top priority!Driver's Licenses for All A bill to make driver’s licenses available to all Minnesotans, including illegal immigrants, is moving through the legislative process at an alarming rate. In the Senate, it has skipped critical committee jurisdiction this legislation will impact.The reality is illegal immigrants are on our roads right now. They are involved in our community, driving to work and [...]

Koran: Tired of Random Calls?2023-05-16T09:37:24-05:00

Koran: A Lot of Lip Service

Our Controversial Flag Last week, the State and Local Government Committee heard a bill authored by Democrat Senator Mary Kunesh that would redesign the Minnesota State flag. Democrat Rep. Frieberg, said our flag, "depicts a Native American riding on horseback into the distance as a white farmer tills the land, which has racist undertones". The legislation would establish a commission to develop a new design. Under the Democrats current plan very few members of the public will be involved in the process of designing our new flag. The commission should include every Minnesotan and represent every part of Minnesota. Not just the select few hand-picked from St. Paul. Bi-Partisan Calls to Eliminate Social Security Tax You read that correctly! [...]

Koran: A Lot of Lip Service2023-05-16T09:24:21-05:00

Koran: Solemn Day in Minnesota

Complete Disregard for the Sanctity of Life On Saturday, January 28, Senate Democrats passed a bill known as the PRO Act, or "Protect Reproductive Options." They claim it is meant to codify Roe v. Wade in state law, but it goes much further. We debated the bill on the Senate floor for over 15 hours, and despite our best effort and appeals for compassion and human dignity, every one of our amendments was rejected on party-line votes. Including: Requiring abortions performed in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters to be done in the hospital, Ensuring doctors do what they can to save the baby's life if it is born alive after a failed abortion. Using anesthesia for babies after [...]

Koran: Solemn Day in Minnesota2023-05-16T09:20:46-05:00

Koran Update: This bill could spike your energy costs

Making Sure Our Elections are Safe and Secure This year I will have the privilege of serving as the Republican Lead on the Senate Elections Committee. Our committee will oversee the Secretary of State's office's budget and all election laws here in Minnesota. Last week, we heard a bill allowing felons to vote while on probation. Currently, 21 states automatically restore voting rights to felons upon release from prison. 17 states, including Minnesota, automatically restore voting rights upon sentence completion, including prison, parole, and probation. 3 states never revoke the right to vote. This legislation will be an engaging topic as it moves through the committee process, and I am interested to hear your thoughts on the issue! [...]

Koran Update: This bill could spike your energy costs2023-05-16T09:20:21-05:00


The Honorable Mark Koran 35855 Lincoln Rd North Branch, MN 55056 Dear Senator Koran: On behalf of NRA members in Minnesota State Senate District 28, I am pleased to announce your NRA-PVF “A” rating and endorsement for the 2022 Minnesota General Election. This endorsement is a reflection of your steadfast support of the Second Amendment and excellent voting record on firearm-related issues during your tenure in the Legislature. Our members will interpret your “A” rating and endorsement as being a solid pro-gun/pro-hunting candidate who is an advocate for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Please feel free to communicate your rating and endorsement to the voters of State Senate District 28. Congratulations again on your “A” rating and [...]


MN Retailers IMPACT

Sen. Koran: I am pleased to inform you that the Mn Retailers IMPACT political fund has chosen to endorse your candidacy. Mn Retailers IMPACT recognizes you for your support of retailers in Minnesota and thanks you for your actions demonstrating a commitment to the success of the industry. It is our belief that your appreciation for the 750,000 jobs impacted by retailers makes you a great candidate for office. Again thank you for your support of Minnesota’s economy through your appreciation of the retail industry and all the best in your campaign. Sincerely, Bruce Nustad, treasurer

MN Retailers IMPACT2022-10-25T19:01:41-05:00


Dear Sen. Koran The MCCL State PAC is pleased to endorse your candidacy in the 2022 election for Minnesota Senate in District 28. Our endorsement is based on your steadfast commitment to the pro-life cause. This is evident from your 100 percent pro-life voting record in the Legislature, your leadership in working to advance lifesaving legislation, and your 100 percent pro-life response to the 2022 MCCL Candidate Questionnaire. The MCCL State PAC is a separate, segregated fund of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, Inc. Our very best wishes for success in all your efforts. Sincerely, Scott Fischbach MCCL State PAC

MCCL State PAC2022-09-15T08:08:27-05:00

MN Farm Bureau PAC Endorsement 2022

On behalf of the Minn Farm Bureau Political Action Committee (MFB PAC), I am pleased to inform you that you have received the MFB PAC endorsement in your current election bid. We appreciate your support of Farm Bureau policy. The MFB PAC endorsement is based on your support of our policy. We look forward to working with you through the campaign and beyond. If you have any questions, contact me. Sincerely, Ray Johnson Chair, MFB PAC Excerpt from the Press Release: PAC endorsements are based on a candidate’s support of MFBF policy. Candidates participate in interviews with Farm Bureau members across the state, who in turn make recommendations to the State PAC Committee to make a final endorsement [...]

MN Farm Bureau PAC Endorsement 20222022-09-02T09:13:20-05:00
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