MPPOA Endorsement 2022

I am honored to have received the endorsement from the MPPOA. Dear Senator Koran, I am pleased to announce that the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Police & Peace Officers Association (MPPOA) issued its endorsement of your candidacy for office in the Minnesota Senate. This endorsement is without reservation and you may use it in any manner you deem fit to advance your candidacy, absent any action that may bring dishonor or disgrace to the MPPOA. The MPPOA has been in existence since 1922 and represents 10,400 public safety professionals across the State of Minnesota and over 2,000 retired members. It is our hope that our endorsement will advance your candidacy and that you will be successful [...]

Technology & Reform Policy

The Committee on Technology and Reform Policy has jurisdiction over all bills relating to the management, delivery, accessibility and security of the state’s information and telecommunications technology systems and services. The Committee also has jurisdiction over bills that address multi-agency operational reforms. In 2021, I had the honor to serve as the Chair of this newly formed Committee. (I am again Chair of this committee in 2022.) This committee served a vital role in the legislature focusing our energies on reviewing how Minnesota uses your tax dollars to fund state operations. The legislation we worked on concentrated on pushing our state agencies to rethink how they deliver critical services to Minnesotans and asked the question of how they can [...]

MCCL PAC Endorsement

I am proud to have received the endorsement from MCCL PAC. I have voted 100% pro life and will continue to support life. Dear Senator Koran, The MCCL State PAC is pleased to endorse your candidacy in the 2020 election for the Minnesota Senate in District 32. Our endorsement is based on your proven commitment to the pro-life cause. This is evident from your 100 percent pro-life voting record throughout your time in office, and your 100 percent pro-life response to the 2020 MCCL Candidate Questionnaire. You may publicly use your endorsement from the MCCL State PAC as you wish. The MCCL State PAC is a separate, segregated fund of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, Inc. Our very best wishes for [...]

Senator Koran on why Governor Walz’s emergency powers have to end

Today we passed a resolution to end Governor Walz's emergency powers, which have been extended longer than any other governor has done in Minnesota history. This has crushed our businesses and people's livelihoods with very little positive effect for patients in long term care. It's time to put the legislature back where it's supposed to be - representing you.

Senator Koran: Confident our MN business-people can do this right

It was great to see so many people gather on the Capitol steps to protest arbitrarily chosen winners and losers during this pandemic. Minnesotans know how to keep themselves safe and healthy, and we will get through this, as we have other public health menaces. The vulnerable elderly should be our top priority for protection. Burdensome regulations on businesses are not the answer that will keep them safe.

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