Transportation Priorities

We are committed to funding transportation needs without raising taxes. Last session, we put a stop to a 20-cent gas tax proposed by Governor Walz. We knew the funds from that tax would not serve your priorities and would continue to inflate for years to come. I know transportation issues are especially important to communities like ours and we will keep working to responsibly fund improvements to our roads and bridges.

DHS Mismanagement

Instances of mismanagement within the Department of Human Services never seem to run out. Recent hearings with DHS officials revealed errors that could cost taxpayers millions of dollars. We are working at the Capitol on your behalf to end this cycle of carelessness and demand that this agency takes responsibility for its mistakes.


The MNLARS system is so flawed that it needs to be replaced. I am committed to ensuring Minnesotans receive the the best service for every tax dollar spent. I worked last session to develop a plan to fix the MNLARS system, and soon we will have shorter lines and improved functionality!

Senator Koran on Telecommuting State Employees

RE: Minnesota DNR employee who telecommutes from Northern California to conduct his work managing shore land. Senator Mark Koran, R-North Branch, believes the story demonstrated an abuse of current telework policy. He joins Capitol Report moderator Shannon Loehrke in the studio to offer his perspective on potential reforms for telecommuting state workers.

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