Technology & Reform Policy

The Committee on Technology and Reform Policy has jurisdiction over all bills relating to the management, delivery, accessibility and security of the state’s information and telecommunications technology systems and services. The Committee also has jurisdiction over bills that address multi-agency operational reforms. In 2021, I had the honor to serve as the Chair of this newly formed Committee. (I am again Chair of this committee in 2022.) This committee served a vital role in the legislature focusing our energies on reviewing how Minnesota uses your tax dollars to fund state operations. The legislation we worked on concentrated on pushing our state agencies to rethink how they deliver critical services to Minnesotans and asked the question of how they can [...]

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State Government, Finance, Policy & Elections

The Committee on State Government Finance and Policy and Elections has jurisdiction over all bills creating a new state agency, substantially changing the organization of a current state agency, or transferring duties from one state agency to another. The committee also has jurisdiction over bills relating to state administrative services, state administrative rule making procedures, state employee compensation, public employee labor relations, pensions and retirement, gambling, lotteries, pari-mutuel wagering, and the structure of the Legislature. The Committee also has jurisdiction over all bills relating to elections, ethical practices for public officials,campaign financing, and redistricting seats in Congress, the Legislature, or the Metropolitan Council. Since I took office, my number one priority has been state government reform focused on maximizing [...]

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Commerce & Consumer Protection Finance & Policy

The Committee on Commerce and Consumer Protection has jurisdiction over all bills relating to banking,insurance, securities, consumer financial services, and liquor. Continuing to grow government and it’s inherent bureaucracy without demanding accountability is not going to solve the issue. In this bill, we include provisions that will require programs and departments to function more effectively. ~Minnesota Senator Mark Koran

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Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Finance

The Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Finance has jurisdiction over all billsrelating to the environment or the state’s natural resources. The preservation of Minnesota’s beautiful environment requires active evaluation of the ways we can continue to improve our stewardship of the land. We focused on important issues like controlling AIS and CWD, so Minnesotans can continue to enjoy the most beautiful parts of our state for years to come. ~Minnesota Senator Mark Koran

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Family Care & Aging

We were able to work on bills relating to the affordability and accessibility of child care, leave from work for family care purposes, long-term care and bills that would substantially affect the lives of the elderly population of this state.As a member of the Family Care and Aging Committee, I am proud of the work we accomplished to ensure our seniors receive quality care in their final years. Also, due to measures we pushed this year, Medica is capping monthly insulin costs. This will be so helpful for Minnesotans around the state, and I hope other insurance companies will adopt this reform too!~Minnesota Senator Mark KoranMore information on this committee.

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Legislative Audit Commission

I am honored to be Vice-Chair of the bipartisan Minnesota Legislative Audit Commission (LAC), a bi-partisan commission, equally divided between the majority and minority parties. This commission helps identify and suggest changes so Minnesota government functions the way it should. As vice-chair of the committee, I brought my 30+ years of professional experience working in and around government to accomplish the legislative goals of increasing government accountability and transparency, ultimately to ensure effective government, providing great value for our citizens. Since I took office, my number one priority has been state government reform focused on maximizing the value of each tax dollar. I am proud of the work we accomplished in this bill to increase accountability and improve the [...]

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Subcommittee on Employee Relations

The Subcommittee on Employee Relations tracks various costs related to the collective bargaining agreements and compensation plans and assists the legislature by providing interim approval of negotiated agreements, arbitration awards, and compensation plans for employees in the executive branch. It also monitors the state civil service system and makes recommendations regarding certain state and local government salaries. Minnesotans deserve every opportunity to contribute to our economy. Whether they are starting a small business, advancing in their career, or investing in real estate, we are getting government out of the way. ~Minnesota Senator Mark Koran

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GOP Senate Member on Blue Ribbon Council on Technology

I had the honor of being the only Republican Senator appointed to the Blue Ribbon Council on Technology. The council is an advisory group to the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to provide advice on how to update and maintain the state’s IT systems to ensure that Minnesota residents and businesses who interact with the state receive the best possible service. Members of the council will also advise on the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars invested in IT projects, while keeping government data secure and protecting the state against cybersecurity threats. We took action on a solution for MNLARS and implementing a new system. With the new program, people will spend less time in line and the industry that [...]

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