The Committee on Technology and Reform Policy has jurisdiction over all bills relating to the management, delivery, accessibility and security of the state’s information and telecommunications technology systems and services. The Committee also has jurisdiction over bills that address multi-agency operational reforms.

In 2021, I had the honor to serve as the Chair of this newly formed Committee. (I am again Chair of this committee in 2022.) This committee served a vital role in the legislature focusing our energies on reviewing how Minnesota uses your tax dollars to fund state operations. The legislation we worked on concentrated on pushing our state agencies to rethink how they deliver critical services to Minnesotans and asked the question of how they can operate more effectively.

The importance of this committee cannot be understated. With the pandemic and the continual administrative failures by our agencies, our state must be focused on improving the quality of services while cutting costs. Our committee also worked to ensure the state has adequate cybersecurity to prevent data breaches by departments and protect the security and integrity of our elections. In the future, we need to ensure our government can do more without ever asking Minnesotans to give more.

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