I am proud to have received the endorsement from MCCL PAC.

Secure Your Child’s Safety: School Bus Safety Now!

Again, this year we are tackling the issue of increasing school bus safety. According to the Department of Safety, officers cited 4,652 drivers in Minnesota for school bus stop arm violations from 2017 – 2021.
When the lights are flashing don’t be passing graphic

Reckless disregard for our children’s safety on the roads must stop, and people need to be held accountable. A bill moving through the legislative process would require school buses to be equipped with a stop-signal arm extension that extends a minimum of 6 feet from the bus. School buses would still be equipped with the standard 18-inch stop sign when snow-covered streets become narrower in winter.

In 2021, the legislature approved $14.7 million for the Stop Arm Camera Grant Project, which aims to help keep kids safe while also holding drivers accountable who fail to stop for school buses with flashing lights and stop arms extended.

Goodbye to Gas Power?

We all believe that it is important to be good stewards of our environment, but Minnesota’s energy future must be clean, reliable, and affordable. Unfortunately, sometimes Democrats are so focused on clean energy that they lose sight of Minnesotans who are going to have to live with the consequences of their extreme ideas.

How far is too far? Should we ban gas-powered lawn equipment? How about mandating electric zambonis? Both could be coming our way soon.

Last week, House Democrats introduced legislation to ban all gas-powered lawn equipment. The ban would apply to lawn equipment engines under 25 horsepower, like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, hedge clippers, chainsaws, edgers, trimmers, and more. Even most riding lawnmowers would be subject to the ban.
Democrats in the House are even seeking to mandate electric zambonis by 2025. How will the hundreds of small arenas scattered throughout the state be able to afford this?

The free market is already moving towards this direction and a government mandate is only going to drive up cost for people that want to purchase this equipment. Banning gas-powered lawn equipment and zambonis only serves to emphasize how out-of-touch some of our legislators are.

Priority: Water Infrastructure

Last week, I met with folks from Braham to discuss their water infrastructure needs. Braham is located just above a high-water table with two major watersheds flowing into the Mississippi via the Rum River and the St. Croix via the Snake River. An estimated 85% of the wastewater collection system is 60+ years old. It has crumbling clay tiling far exceeding its expected service life, and numerous water mains have lead service fittings.

Braham is experiencing commercial growth and rising residential development pressures, but the existing water infrastructure needs to be improved to meet anticipated demand or allow for more growth. I will fight to include this funding request in the Capital Investment bill.

I Want to Hear From You!

The best ideas come from our community, and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to speak with me! Please never hesitate to contact me. It’s my honor to work for you!